“Who owns this company?…”

Me! Hello my name is Emmarae (friends and family lovingly call me Emmy.) I’m in my twenties and I have natural hair…4a type hair…in some spots 3c. Actually- Now I have locs! And yes this is the oil I use on my locs! They are thriving on this oil!

Let’s travel back in time for a bit… flashback music

From 2009-2013 I was doing partial relaxers…I didn’t want my curls to go away I just wanted loose bouncy curls. I wanted my hair to go down not up…

Honestly… I also thought the relaxer would stop kids at school from making fun of my hair and stop teachers asking me to sit in the back of the class.

–it didn’t. If anything it brought out more teasing and more passive aggressive comments.

August… 2013 things changed…

Not only was my hair falling out due to the relaxer (shout out to my mom for hugging me and trying to soothe my panic and worry while I cried my eyes out on the bathroom floor…) but I started to see posts and videos online about the Natural Hair Movement. Seeing this made me feel ashamed that I had damaged my hair so bad.

So I set off to live my best natural life! I said no more to the relaxers and learned all that I could to be able to transition my hair. (I was in high school and too scared to just do a big chop.) I quickly…I’m talkin’ quickly!! Learned how important oil is for your hair. Oil can seal in moisture, maintain moisture, add shine, and promote growth.

Amazing! Give me all of it!

This blend has been at my side for 7 years. It’s simple yet so very effective that I believe it would be selfish of me to not share it with you. How rude of me to have something that makes my life easier and not extend it to you.

We live in very busy times. Maybe you’re in school, working, working multiple jobs, run a business of your own, take care of your kids, take care of somebody else’s kids, take care of your parents, whatever it is…

I want this product to be at your side so that come wash day- or a style day- you don’t have to worry because this oil is working on sealing in moisture for you and keeping your hair happy and healthy. Our crowns are glorious and deserve high quality products made with love and respect!

P.S. I know that everyone’s hair is unique, what works for me may not work for you. So I have made my company operate on a Risk Free Guarantee so you can try this product out and if in 30-days you’re like “… this ain’t it sis… ” Let me know and I will issue you a refund right away. I won’t make you jump through hoops. That is a giant pet peeve of mine! Heck, I’m still waiting on a supposed refund on a product…and the company blamed me for it not working! No, No, No! If this oil blend doesn’t work for you that is totally fine I get it!

I want you to be able to try this product worry free! That’s what I’m all about. fist bump from your new fave natural