Castor Oil

I think by now castor oil is very much a well known oil to aid in growth of hair. It has omega 9 fatty acid that helps to trigger that awesome hair growth.

As I massage this oil blend into my hair and scalp I like to picture the castor oil hydrating and waking my hair up…I take this time to say some positive affirmations to myself.

This oil is fantastic if you notice your hair changed due to its environment. I live in an area with all 4 seasons and in the winter my hair FEELS IT . However the castor oil works amazingly because every time it is applied I am “walking up” my scalp and promoting good blood circulation to trigger hair growth…even in freezing Pacific Northwest temperatures.

[Special Note: If you have high porosity hair and maintaining moisture is a struggle…this oil is fantastic for you! It aids in sealing that moisture in no matter what!]