Olive Oil

I like to call this oil “the most trusted”…or I tend to say “when in doubt..use EVOO!” This oil not only smells good but it’s packed in antioxidants (over 20 different types) and nutrients that are very valuable for preventing hair loss.

One of these being a phenol called Hydroroxytyrosol that offers great protection against UV radiation… no protection can lead to making hair dry and brittle.

It helps to re-hydrate the hair by actually penetrating the hair shaft and sealing in any moisture. That is why it is important to put your product on and then use this oil to seal all that goodness in!

EVOO is a working conditioner that really coats the hair while also allowing the other oils to get in and do their jobs.

All around the magic of this simple oil works to your benefit! These powerhouse oils can be working for you.